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Client: Capilano Suspension Bridge Park
Photography by Cake Imagery
Agency: Spring Advertising
Art Director: Jeremy Grice

“Since 1889:
12,467 Eagle Sightings | 45,655 Sunsets | 152,672 Shooting Stars.”

The main challenge for creating this ad was to get the entirety of the famous Capilano Suspension Bridge isolated as a layer on transparency so that it could be set against sky.  As the bottom of the canyon is unsafe, we could only shoot from vantage points where we could only see a small portion of the bridge, all against busy backgrounds.  So, we had to photograph the bridge in sections with a telephoto lens, and walk a backdrop along the available length of the bridge to isolate the fine detail in the fencing and the railings.  What we were left with we further broke down into individual components which we were then able to extend. Finally, we digitally reconstructed the bridge at a much greater length than we were able to shoot, one which displays it’s true breathtaking nature.

Then, we created backgrounds representing 125 years worth of eagle sightings, sunsets, and shooting stars in three separate posters set at day, sunset, and night.  However, as they were to be displayed side-by-side, we made the bridge and landscape carry on seamlessly across the three images, so we basically built it as a single large image, above.  We shot additional images for the trees, mountains, and the river, used some stock skies and eagles, and digitally created the suns and shooting stars.