6 July

Upcoming Gallery Exhibition

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Kevin has a show coming up!  Details are as follows:

The Special
August 10-31, 2017
Ian Tan Gallery
2321 Granville Street
Vancouver, BC

Opening Thursday, August 10, 6-8PM


18 April

Crimestoppers – In the wild

The two billboards closest to our office currently feature images we retouched, working with dynamic duo Adam & Kev Photography, and DDB Vancouver.



17 February

Photoshop Disaster – RCA

In honour of the now-defunct original Photoshop Disasters blog, here’s a gem from the box for a RCA television.  They are so standing on that grass.



5 October

CP Rail – Behind the Scenes

We’ve really enjoyed shooting a series of ads for Canadian Pacific Railway throughout the year – here are some behind the scenes shots of us in action!  Or, at the very least standing around looking at computers and stuff, while our art director Nathan Gowsell does some real work!

laara-kev-greenhouse laara_nathan_greenhouse laara_mitchell laara_bakerynathan

17 May

2016 Photography Awards – Applied Arts

Kevin’s fine art series “The Special” was featured in this year’s Applied Arts Awards.

applied arts

8 March

Coast Capital – Behind the Scenes

Here we are at our Coast Capital shoot last month, working with the awesome Nathan Gowsell and all of our other friends from Edelman Canada.

_DSF8067 _DSF8083 _DSF8090 _DSF8092 _DSF8113 _DSF8124

11 December

Metro Vancouver – Grease Clogs Pipes

The four images we photographed in October for a campaign to help prevent people from pouring grease down the drain.






Photography by Cake Imagery
Agency: RED The Agency
Art Director: Michael Witbeck

“We spend $2 million every year in Metro Vancouver to repair damage caused by grease. And that’s not counting the costs to individual homeowners when their pipes get blocked. Wipe it and green bin it.”

10 June

We’re making snow!

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On this rather hot, summery day, we’re making snow in the office!

fake snow

21 May

2015 Photography Awards – Applied Arts

These three photographs of Laara’s won an award in this years Applied Arts Magazine.





Information posted on the trolleys:

“While electric trolleys in Sandon may seem like a ‘fish out of water’ this unique collection has attracted considerable interest from people of all walks of life, many of whom reminisce about their own experiences travelling in, driving or working on Brill trolleys (in some cases these very trolleys) in the many cities in which they operated.

Other than the very young, most North Americans have a personal connection to some kind of the Brill trolley and have fond memories attached to them. It is hoped that you too will enjoy seeing these preserved Brills in their many vartiations at Sandon until their final home is confirmed.”

21 April


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A image we retouched, photographed by Daniel Wood to show that the size of a pint will vary from place to place.

Photo by Daniel Wood.