Cake Imagery deals with pixels.

We’re based in Vancouver, Canada, and we like to composite things in Photoshop, especially if doing so means we get to work with brilliant creative agencies from around the world.  We can shoot those images ourselves (check our “Photography” section) and also often collaborate with talented photographers (the “retouching” section).   Make a ram play a slot machine?  Finger paint with bacon grease?  Build a landscape depicting three different times of day from 187 separate photos? We can do that.

Laara Cerman, principal

Laara likes dark chocolate, has an unrealized ambition to live out of a van, and makes amazingly detailed photoshop masks really quickly. Her doing so results in these crazy videos we’re still searching for ways to monetize.

Kevin Lanthier, principal

Kevin wears classic fedoras, had a past life as an amateur professional wrestler, and can clone like a ninja. By which we mean he replicates himself while dressed entirely in black, in addition to his retouching work being hard to spot.